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Residents Vigil at Woolworths Construction Site 7th June2010

Residents Vigil at Woolworths Construction Site 7th June2010

Garry Scott holds takes the cake at Station Street on Monday

Mullumbimby residents gathered at the Woolworths Station Street construction site on Monday 7th June to protest at the start of construction of the huge Woolworths supermarket. However all they found was a fence and shipping container which trespassed onto public land.

Representatives of the media turned up expecting bulldozers and much action but even the perimeter fence was not complete. The fence which held a no trespassing notice was erected on public land.

Duncan Dey a local resident said "This fence intruding onto council land is typical of Woolworths' attitude to this whole process. " Big corporations pushing in overriding the wishes of local communities.

“Our democratic rights have been trespassed upon, Mullumbimby Settlement Strategy has been trespassed upon and environmental safeguards have been trespassed upon” added Deborah Lilly.

“Our local economy is about to be trespassed upon as it depends upon the diversity of our small businesses; our lovely landscape which features our green pyramid Mt Chincogan is about to be trespassed upon, as well as our narrow residential streets. A big box on this site is a blight on Mullumbimby. It is they who are trespassing” she said.

“False starts are a Woolworths’ strategy. They will creep in like dogs in the night. In spite of this, we had 200 protesters there to greet the bulldozers when they arrived at dawn” explained a Maleny veteran.

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