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Woolworths Not Promoting Local Produce

Woolworths Not Promoting Local Produce

Supporting local Farmers? :Imported Navel oranges in Woolworths Byron Bay.

This photo, taken in Byron Bay Woolworths today, shows that Woolworths' claims of supporting local farmers are suspect. As you can see, the big sign is promoting navel oranges from the USA ... and they call them 'fresh'!

What about the local oranges. Where are they? Can it be cheaper to import oranges from USA than local growers?

What about all the food miles and carbon emissions involved in transporting produce from USA to here? What chemicals are involved in growing them? Are these fruit dyed for that nice, all-over orange colour?

And.. they are not even cheap. I spied ORGANIC oranges at Santos for $2.95 a Kilo!!


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