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Warning From Wyoming John Fenton CSG Tour

Warning From Wyoming John Fenton CSG Tour

John Fenton farmer and Gas activist

John Fenton Us farmer and gas activist who was featured in the Gaslands movie will be appearing at the Bangalow Hall on monday night 24th March at 6pm.

The US Environental Protection Agency found that fracking the 200 wells in Pavillion Wyoming polluted the water.Drinking water is now trucked in by the gas companies, while loal farmers have to ventilate their houses when  shower or run a bath or risk an explosion from the build up of gas.

Hear John Fentyon speak about this situation and the battle against fracking being waged in the USA.

Come along at 6pm
Where A and I Hall Station St Bangalow.

Tea chai yummy finger food available and live music.


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