How to contact Mullumbimby Community Action Network

How to Send a Video or Document to us.

We would love to know about videos or documents connected to our campaign.

If you would like us to link to a video clip or publish a document, please help us by following these instructions.

  • Videos: Because of their large file size, it is impractical for us to receive them by email and publish them.

  • If the video is from a TV station or other website please send us the link and some brief text. We cannot upload other peoples videos to our website, because of copyright.

  • If you own the copyright to the video, please upload it to youtube and send us the link and some text.We can then embed it in our website.

  • Please copy and paste the video url into the "website" section on this form.

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Make sure your email address and phone number are correct.
This is the only way we can reply to your enquiry.

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