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Robert's visit to Bentley and camp liberty yesterday.

Robert's visit to Bentley and camp liberty yesterday.

This was my first st visit and I also took my toy mascot dog  Woof with his no CSG hat

Upon arrival I was greeted by helpful and friendly organisers who told me what to do. Park the car safely and sign in. Have some pictures taken with my dog woof and then off to the chai coffee tent for a cuppa and write a hand written letter to a politician. Many we're sitting at the tables young and old writing letters. Letters of great value. Some read them aloud this is a powerful thing to do sharing like this

Then lunch I shared my food with some ladies sitting at the same table. Cheese and tomato sandwiches swapped for tempeh and mushroom This is a great sharing as if I had known them for ever. The two women came from west of Kyogle I come from Mullumbimby two different cultures and yet merging as one common humanity

Then a walk to gate A the main blockade what a sight every inconvenience imaginable to delay entry by metgasco. Pits with lock on Simmos (those warriors who are brave and put their bodies in the front line). Poles really high ones where people sit and all sorts of other things. And of course a tea making facility. There is a well oiled system of communication and food delivery.
Where I sat there for a couple of hours I heard of the history of the camp and about the police plans and also that because of the huge community resistance against Metgasco's' operation and support for the blockade, the government is worried. There is election in march next year This issue is a big political. Headache for the NSW government who no doubt realise their best choice is a political solution, because breaking the blockade with a huge police operation will generate enormous community reaction, especially from the previously rusted on national party voters the till now silent onesHave. I saw many farmers at the camp.

As far as I can see Metgasco's attempt to drill in the northern rivers is a no win blind sighted
Activity. They are well advised to pull up stakes and leave the area.

The community support is amazing, while I was sitting at the blockade gate a car pulled up. Out of it came two women with many tubs of super good ice cream blocks which we all distributed around the camp. These women had driven from ocean shores specially to deliver the ice cream, which was no ordinary ice cream. It was vegan sugar free based on nuts and tasted absolutely amazing. Real food. Thank so much.

I am tempted to call camp liberty camp benefit. I return to Mullumbimby keeping it all in my heart


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