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No Fracking Way Leo Sayer with Aussies Against Fracking

No Fracking Way Leo Sayer with Aussies Against Fracking

We are Aussies Against Fracking, a group of like minded individuals, entertainers and musicians who are opposed to plans and permissions to use Australian Crown Land, private land and residential land for the purpose of Coal Seam Gas mining (Fracking).

Though Fracking is being promoted as the answer to Australia’s energy needs, we believe this practice is harmful to the environment, human beings, and our flora and fauna. There is clear evidence in the areas where Fracking is already established of sickness, pollution, radiation, poisoning and harm to the environment and local communities. It’s time for a proper investigation into this, before even more of our land and environment is damaged beyond repair by Fracking. This video also serves to show our support for the Lock The Gate Alliance.


“No Fracking Way” is written, arranged, produced and performed by Leo Sayer (for Silverbird Songs Australia)
It was recorded at Silverbird Studios. John Hudson mixed the track, and Paul Berton played Guitar.
The video was filmed and edited by Craig “Chappo” Chapman (for Daily Planet), with insert footage from Brendan Shoebridge, and was produced by Annie Wright.
The featured singers here are:
Doc Neeson, Deni Hines, Kevin Borich, Casey Burgess, Mitch Anderson, Mark Gable, Jeff Duff, Steve Balbi, Jade Hurley, Connor Cleary, Alex Gibson, Graham Wilson and Jarmb-Ji Githabul.
The featured singers, musicians and choir were filmed and recorded at Pow Wow Studios, Sydney. Sound recording by Des O’Neill. Special thanks to Chris Fitz-Gibbon.
Production: Annie Wright for Aussies Against Fracking. Special thanks to Nick Hanlon.
More info: “

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