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Woolworths Concrete Saw Angers Locals

Woolworths Concrete Saw Angers Locals

Roundabout roadworks outside Milk and Honey Mullumbimby

Woolworths lost a further legion of potential customers last week in Mullumbimby. Picture a balmy, tranquil autumn evening, Friday, end of the working week. As people gathered for a relaxing outdoor meal at Milk & Honey, the peace of this country town was shattered by earsplitting noise. A gang of workers began using a concrete saw on the part-built roundabout a few metres away.

 Despite a rule that such cacophonous work is forbidden after 6pm they continued, claiming the work was allowed because it was "roadworks". Maybe on the highway, but in a residential area? Complaints were dismissed with an abrupt  "We'll be finished in 20 minutes." The outrageously rackety work did not stop until 7.15pm.

The graceful trees, which for decades have provided Mullumbimby with its signature entrance, are traumatised. Overwhelmed by concrete and dust, the beautiful fig tree looks defeated, moribund. Woolworths has abided by the letter but not the spirit of its undertaking to preserve these trees.

The company's dismissive attitude to the trees’ health matches its arrogant contempt for the people and small businesses of Mullumbimby who have been compelled to endure months of disruption, traffic diversions and congestion, obscene levels of noise and dust, and life behind wire cages. All so that Woolworths can inflict its stale, boring produce on a town that enjoys its own fresh food sourced locally and supports local businesses.

Woolworths' self-important disregard for peoples' comfort and livelihood has unleashed renewed hostility to its plans. Many previously impartial towards the company are now openly angry. Mullumbimby does not need Woolworths; Woolworths, according to some dull-witted corporate strategist, needs Mullumbimby, not now or even tomorrow but in the future when current prophecies of demographic trends might bear fruit.

Had Woolworths shown a modicum of respect for the Mullumbimby community, instead of trampling over the town like an invading horde of vandals, it might have avoided causing deepening alienation. Instead there is mounting illwill and a sincere wish for its aspirations to fail.

There is one dependable way to hurt armour-plated corporate ego: through the wallet. There are ample alternative shopping outlets and no divine command to support Woolworths’ shares.

Ms Edna Carew


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