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41: Mullumbimby Featured On ABC Radio's Australia Talks

On Tuesday this week Mullumbimby and Woolworths was the topic of Australia talks show on ABC radio National. My we are sure getting our message out there. The show's guests featured Deborah Lilly, from MCAN a representative from woolworths Simon Berger, and P...
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Posted: 2Apr2010 09:58   Similar items

42: Byron Vibe Releases New Video On Woolworths In Mullumbimby

Byron Vibe Releases New Video On Woolworths In MullumbimbyResidents of Mullumbimby discuss the topic of Woolworths muscling into their town. This 10 minute clip shows a cross section of views from the Mullumbimby community regarding the Woolworths proposal. It was the result of one day's spontaneous filming on the stree...
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Posted: 18Mar2010 22:31   Similar items

43: Mullum Forum Sends Challenge To Woolworths

Mullum Forum Sends Challenge To WoolworthsMullumbimby forum is challenging Woolworths to an 'opinion poll tie breaker'. After taking its ‘no’ campaign to the Woolworths directors earlier this week, the Mullumbimby forum is rejecting claims by a Woolworths spokeswoman that a ‘silent majority’ in the ...
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Posted: 19Feb2010 14:22   Similar items

44: Mullumbimby Takes Its "No" Fight To Woolworths Chiefs

Mullumbimby Takes Its  "No" Fight To Woolworths ChiefsOn Monday Mullum Forum placed a half page ad in a prominent position in the Australian Financial Review. It was titled "Is it right that a big corporation can tell a small town what it needs?". The ad and associated press release roused a fair bit of interes...
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Posted: 15Feb2010 20:26   Similar items

45: Byron Mayor Not Ruling Out Appeal Against L & E Court Decision

Byron Mayor Cr Jan Barham is not ruling out an appeal against the recent Land and Environment Court's decision allowing Woolworths to build their supermarket in Mullumbimby. Cr Barham said 'a report on whether an appeal would be viable was expected to go be...
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Posted: 4Feb2010 15:52   Similar items

46: L And E Decision On Woolworths Supermarket In Mullumbimby Expected End January

A decision on whether plans for a Woolworths supermarket in Mullumbimby can go ahead is expected next month. A third sitting of the Land and Environment Court wrapped up in Sydney on the 23rd of December, with Commissioner Hussey now retiring to consider his verdict...
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Posted: 28Dec2009 11:20   Similar items

47: Woolworths -v-Byron Shire Cuncil Resumes Again 23rd And 24th December

On the 23rd and 24th of December Woolworths third attempt at getting their appeal through the courts will be heard at the land and Environment Court in Sydney. This is Woolworths’ last ditch attempt to persuade the Commissioner that they have a viable proposal for an...
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Posted: 22Dec2009 08:52   Similar items

48: Woolworths Cops An Earful Of Pokies At Their Annual General Meeting

The Woolworths board and senior management copped an earful at their AGM on 26th November and today they are surveying arguably the biggest single hit to the company’s once great brand. Never before have chairman James Strong and CEO Michael Luscombe been forced to...
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Posted: 10Dec2009 10:16   Similar items

49: Second Hearing Of Woolworths Vs Byron Shire Council Adjourned Again!

Second Hearing Of Woolworths Vs Byron Shire Council Adjourned Again!Byron Shire Council’s refusal of Woolworths’ poor quality Section 68 Application is being vindicated by a complex and drawn out Appeal process that will now involve at least three separate court hearings. The first hearing was held in September, in Mullumbimby and Ball...
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Posted: 29Nov2009 11:40   Similar items

50: MCAN Sending Representatives To Attend Woolworths Vs Byron Shire Council Court Case

MCAN Sending Representatives To Attend  Woolworths Vs Byron Shire Council  Court CaseFour representatives of The Mullumbimby Community Action Network, ( Luis Cristia, Duncan Dey, Garry Scott and Robert Hart) will be attending The Land and Environment Court in Sydney next week, when Woolworths challenge to Byron shire Council's refusal of their o...
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Posted: 12Nov2009 17:50   Similar items

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