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Woolworths has recalled some of its home-brand milk amid fears it may contain small amounts of cleaning solution. The supermarket's home-brand 3-litre full-cream milk with a use-by date of October 12 has been recalled from its NSW stores, the company ...
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Posted: 3Oct2011 17:53   Similar items

22: Shop Local Signs Popping Up Around Mullumbimby

Shop Local Signs Popping Up Around MullumbimbyThe spirit of Mullumbimby  is alive and well. Despite the invasion by a global giant,  locals are not giving in. All around town there are signs appearing in the streets saying shop local or local shopping this way. The most daring expression of this s...
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Posted: 30Jun2011 13:32   Similar items

23: Mullumbimby At Easter Says Piss Off Woolworths

Mullumbimby At Easter  Says Piss Off WoolworthsDespite 'apology for the mess and noise associated with the saga of the Station street roundabout in Mullumbimby,  some locals are obviously very unhappy with Woolworths. At Easter,   This installation was attached to the security fence aka The Ca...
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Posted: 25Apr2011 21:49   Similar items

24: Is MacDonalds Moving In To Mullumbimby???????

Today the 1st of April a series of notices appeared on the front of the old Mallams supermarket announcing " MacDonalds coming Soon". MCAN's fearless photographer recorded this notice for posterity. While doing so a worker gruffly sai...
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Posted: 1Apr2011 17:33   Similar items

25: Woolworths Lake Inundates Entire Site In Station Street

This lake is the where Woolworths are planning to put the on-site wastewater disposal for their supermarket. It is the site for the "irrigation" i.e. where all wastewater and sewage from their 2500m2 commercial enterprise is expected to be absorbed...
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Posted: 24Jan2011 13:58   Similar items

26: Woolworth Lake And : Station Street Still Closed

Woolworth Lake And :  Station Street Still ClosedWoolworths in Mullumbimby update Christmas 2010. Well guess what? The Woolworths Station Street site is not just a bog, but a rippling lake , which covers almost the entire site. It is big enough to hold a regatta!! And there is even more in case you had n...
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Posted: 30Dec2010 09:00   Similar items

27: Supermarket Expansion Thwarted In Puppet Show;Superbia Comes To Mullumbimby

Richard Hart from DREAM PUPPETS, based in Melbourne, presented his iconic puppet show entitled "SUPERBIA" at The Mullumbimby Drill Hall on Friday the 26th of February at 8pm. In the show,  The Dreamer Family hears that the local s...
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Posted: 17Dec2010 17:00   Similar items

28: The Beast File: Woolies & Coles (HUNGRY BEAST)

Produced by the ABC, this short dynamic documentary about “the big friendly giants” explains why 23 cents in every dollar we spend ends up in their pockets. Besides owning supermarkets, they own variety stores, electronics outlets, hardware chain...
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Posted: 4Dec2010 20:47   Similar items


Download a sample letter to Woolworths asking for the Mullumbimby blockade to be lifted. CLICK  HERE TO DOWNLOAD LETTER TO WOOLWORTHS...
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Posted: 4Dec2010 16:10   Similar items

30: Woolworths Station Street Blockade: Six Months On In Mullumbimby

Woolworths Station Street Blockade:  Six Months  On In MullumbimbyWoolworths’ contractors Waltons have now started work in Station Street, nearly six months after they were scheduled to start on the 7th June.  Throughout this time the street has been barricaded, stopping public access to a public space, cau...
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Posted: 23Nov2010 08:30   Similar items

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