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31: Woolworths Lake And Berlin Wall

Woolworths Lake And Berlin WallWhen it come to compliance in the Byron Shire there is one rule for the big boys and another for the punters.  For months now Woolworth’s construction site’s minimal to non existent erosion and sediment control measures result ...
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With the NSW State government election looming in March 2011, the successful party will no doubt be one that commits to the removal of Part 3A Legislation - the most autocratic environmentally damaging Planning legislation Australia has seen for ove...
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Posted: 5Oct2010 14:17   Similar items

33: Mullumbimby Original Camp Removed

Mullumbimby Original Camp RemovedMullum's 'original people' drop-in centre and encampment outside the council chambers has now been removed. Five reinforced concrete barricades, about waist height and more than a metre wide have been placed outside council's main entrance and the...
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34: War Of The Worlds By Mandy Nolan

There are just some issues where you can’t sit on the fence. Woolworths moving into Mullumbimby is one of Mandy nolan reprinted courtesy Mandy Nolan first published in The Echo You’re...
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Posted: 15Sep2010 09:42   Similar items

35: Echo Website Hacked By Anti-Woolworths Agent

Echo Website Hacked By Anti-Woolworths AgentYesterday morning , visitors to The Echo website were greeted with a black screen with an anti-woolworths logo in the middle. The site had been hacked during the night.  By 10am the site was back to normal. The Mullumbimby Community Action Network&...
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By Diane Hart I've been away for a few months, visiting aged parents overseas, and I expected to see a few welcoming fairies when I arrived back in Mullumbimby - instead I was greeted by THE CAGE. So for all of those that thought that Woolworth's were go...
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COMMUNITY SUBMISSIONS WANTED: WOOLWORTHS LIQUOR LICENCEAn opportunity to have your say on Woolworths new bottleshop! IMPORTANT: CLOSING DATE IS 26th JULY. (All submissions must be received by the liquor authority by that date) Before Woolworths can open their liquor store at their new (proposed) supermarket in S...
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38: Mullumbimby Residents Rage Against The Cage And The Big Box Brother

Mullumbimby Residents Rage Against The Cage And The Big Box BrotherOn Saturday 26th June a group of Mullumbimby residents gathered to express "Rage against the Cage"; a huge cage having been erected by Woolworths, is all along Station Street North. They dressed in black and white and chained themselves to he fence/cage. Th...
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Posted: 1Jul2010 12:06   Similar items

39: Residents Vigil At Woolworths Construction Site 7th June2010

Mullumbimby residents gathered at the Woolworths Station Street construction site on Monday 7th June to protest at the start of construction of the huge Woolworths supermarket. However all they found was a fence and shipping container which trespassed onto public land. ...
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Posted: 16Jun2010 09:50   Similar items

40: Woolworths Not Promoting Local Produce

Woolworths Not Promoting Local ProduceThis photo, taken in Byron Bay Woolworths today, shows that Woolworths' claims of supporting local farmers are suspect. As you can see, the big sign is promoting navel oranges from the USA ... and they call them 'fresh'! What about the local oranges. ...
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Posted: 16Apr2010 16:26   Similar items

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